Chapter 11: Accidental Kiss

As I got ready to go up to Olivia’s dorm, I couldn’t help but be nervous. I had no idea why, this wasn’t a date or anything even close to it. We’d agreed on being friends, or at least I’d thought we had.

I yanked a grey t-shirt over my shoulders and straightened it over the waist of my black jeans. I combed my hair through several times before tying it back in a ponytail.

I ran my hand beneath my chin, feeling along my jaw. I didn’t need to shave or anything, so I was okay to go. I sprayed on a tiny hint of cologne and left the bathroom.

Thomas was waiting to ambush me in the living room. He looked up at me from the video game he was playing.

I pushed through into my bedroom and grabbed my books, stuffing them into my messenger bag.

Thomas appeared in the doorway, pushing his glasses up onto his nose. “So you’re on your way over to see Olivia?”

I nodded. “Yeah.” I laughed lightly. “I’m nervous. How pathetic is that?”

“Dude, it’s Olivia James. She’s… really hot. I get nervous even walking past her in the hall. She’s intimidating. All of her friends are. And this girl actually said she likes you? I would be sweating buckets!”

“I know.” I exhaled sharply. “Look, just don’t go around telling people about what I told you, okay? I’m sure she’d be humiliated if the entire school found out.”

“Come on, man. Who am I going to tell? You’re like the only friend I have in this entire school.” Thomas scoffed.

I let that slide intentionally. “Maybe you’re right about one thing at least…” I paused, glancing around anxiously. “I don’t know, should I bring something?”

“What do you normally bring on dates?” Thomas pressed.

“It’s not a date.” I automatically corrected. “Besides, I don’t think it’s appropriate to bring condoms to a study session.” I deliberately put emphasis on the last two words.

Thomas smirked.

I slung my bag across my body and grabbed my student ID so I could swipe back into the floor.

“What are you doing tonight?” I asked.

He shrugged. “I’ve got an advanced physics paper due. I’m trying to get it out of the way.”

I raised one eyebrow. “Wow… good luck with that.”

Thomas shrugged. “It should be easy. “You’re going to be late. It’s five to eight.”

“Right.” I nodded. “See you in a couple of hours.” I slipped past him and as I walked from the room, I heard the video game resume.

I quickly moved down the hall, slipping out through the glass doors. I waited for the elevator to open. It seemed to take ages, I almost took the stairs.

I climbed into the elevator and anxiously hit the door-closed button.

The ride to the next floor up seemed to take forever. When the doors finally opened, I was greeted by one of the sweetest, prettiest sights in the world. Olivia was sitting on the bench across from the elevator doors. She had on a simple pair of faded jeans, with a long slit in the left knee. When she moved, the hole gaped to reveal the smooth skin of her knee. She had on a silky pink peasant top. The shirt was sleeveless, and decorated with pretty, frilly lace. Her hair was swept up into a ponytail, but her chocolate curls still cascaded around her shoulders. She was hardly wearing any make up, just some simple bubblegum colored lip gloss.

I swallowed and almost took a step back.

“Hey.” I breathed.

She beamed, standing up from the bench. “Hi.” She said cheerily.

We stood awkwardly across from each other. “Umm… thanks so much for helping me out, again. Really, it means a lot to me.”

She nodded. “Any time. What are lab partners for?” She smiled faintly. “Come on, we should get started.”

“Good idea.” I replied.

“Okay.” She led me toward the glass door onto her floor. She slid her card through the reader and pulled open the door.

I followed her through the door and started off down the hall. Her room was only about six doors down the hall, not nearly as far as ours was on our hall.

She opened the door with her student card and I followed her inside.

Her dorm was exactly the same as ours, but somehow it was much more feminine. And to be completely honest, it smelled a hell of a lot better than ours. The walls were a softer yellow as opposed to our beige, but the furniture was the exact same as ours. The one exception was Gabby, who was plopped down on one of the chairs at the dining room table. She was leaning over the table and coating her fingernails in blood red polish.

“Look who it is!” She grinned hugely. “The new guy!” She winked at Olivia.

I rolled my eyes. “Aren’t you a little young for make up and nail polish? What are you twelve?” I demanded.

“Oh, nice one. Witty and cute.” Gabby rolled her eyes. She twisted the cap back on her bottle of nail polish. “Anyway, as much as I would just love to stay and chat with you guys, I’ve got a date tonight.” She announced, almost as if she was showing off.

Olivia smiled weakly at me. “Let me just get my books, okay?”

I nodded.

Gabby crossed the room and opened the closet, removing a pair of staggering heels. She slipped them on her feet, and paused to fix her hair in the mirror.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” Gabby cooed, offering a tiny, cute little wave.

I rolled my eyes. “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.”

She flipped me off and the door closed loudly behind her.

I smirked, please with myself.

I turned around and glanced around the room. The sofa and television set had been rearranged so the back of the sofa was against a wall. There was a copy of a Monet painting centered above the sofa. Every surface was littered with candles. A purple scarf had been tossed over one of the lamps.

I noticed a limp looking plant centered on the dining table, and crossed to it. I lifted one of the dehydrated limbs, frowning.

“That’s Gabby’s.” Olivia’s voice fluttered through the room.

I glanced up to see her coming from the bedroom. She’d stopped at the sofa, laying her books down on the coffee table. “Her parents sent it and she pretty much killed it. I’m trying to nurse it back to health.”

I nodded.

“Uhh… can I get you anything? I think I’ve mostly got diet coke, but I might have a couple of regular cokes… or even some water, maybe?”

“Coke is good if you’ve got one.” I agreed.

“Okay.” She moved into the kitchen and opened the fridge.

I plopped down on the sofa, removing my books from my bag.

“Do you want a glass and some ice?” She called.

“No, thanks. I can just drink out of the can.” I shrugged.


She returned a few minutes later with a can of coke and a can of diet coke. She placed them both on the coffee table.

She sat next to me, keeping a careful distance between us.

“So, did you talk to professor Payne after class? Did he give you any suggestions?” She asked. She turned to face me, folding her left leg beneath her on the sofa.

“Yeah, he said pretty much that I should try and explain my answer a little more… I think that’s what he meant…”

“Hmm… but you got all the answers right?”

“Most of them.” I nodded.

She frowned and chewed her lip. “Did you bring your paper? Can I see it?”

“Sure…” I leaned forward and began rooting through my notebook. “So what did you get on the paper?”

“Ninety-eight.” She answered, pulling her binder and textbook into her lap.

“Are you serious?” I demanded.

“Yeah… why would I lie?” She frowned.

I located my paper and held it in my hands. “Wow. I uh…. I almost don’t even want to show you this.”

“What? Why?”

“My mark is terrible compared to yours. I didn’t think it was that bad, but you’ve done like a million times better than me.”

She sighed, “Isaac come on. If you had done well on your paper, you wouldn’t be asking for help. Just show me. If you don’t, I’ll think it’s worse than it actually is.”

“I don’t think you could even guess how bad it is.” I replied.

She sighed and reached for the paper.

I raised one eyebrow and jerked my arm back. “What’s this? You’re just going to take it from me?”

“Let me see! I can’t help you unless you show me your mark!” She insisted. “How will I know where to begin!” She reached for the paper, but this time I playfully held it out of arms reach.

She sighed and dropped her hands onto the papers in her lap. “Fine. I won’t help you then.” Her bottom lip stuck out adorably like a toddler who hadn’t gotten her way.

I beamed. Even frustrated she was beautiful.

I found myself leaning toward her full lips. Her eyes fluttered closed and after what seemed like ages in slow motion, our lips met. I reached out and tilted her jaw up with my fingers as my mouth closed around her plump bottom lip.

Her mouth opened in sync with mine to meet my kisses and my hand gently moved along her jaw, cupping the back of her neck with my hand. I secured her in place, so she couldn’t pull away from my kiss. Her long slender neck was like silk beneath my fingers. The gentle scent wafting from her hair intoxicated me.

Her hands remained on her books until I reached with my free hand and pulled her books free. I let them fall to the floor and pushed myself up to meet her kisses. Even though she had hesitated at first, she was now definitely kissing back.

Her hands moved into my hair, playing lightly with the ponytail at the back of my skull. I gently urged her backward until I could lay her head to rest on the arm of the sofa. I was partially on top of her, and loving every moment of my lips dancing with hers. I breathed in the intoxicating smell of her, and my inhibitions got lost.

I sighed. I’d never felt this way kissing a girl before. I couldn’t even begin to explain how good it felt.

“Wait!” She said suddenly, breaking the kiss. One minute both her hands were planted on my chest and the next moment she had moved out from beneath me, and was standing across the room.

I had to blink quickly to make sense of what had just happened.

She shook her head, pressing her fingers to her forehead. “I don’t get it! You tell me you want to be friends and the next night you’re… I mean…” She paused and sighed. “Why is it that when I try to kiss you, you push me away, but it’s perfectly alright for you to kiss me like that?” She demanded.

I straightened up and shrugged. I swallowed thickly, trying to think straight.

She folded her arms over her chest and waited for my response.

“I… I don’t know. Olivia. It was a mistake. It was an accident.”

“What?” She frowned, shaking her head slowly. “You don’t kiss someone like that by accident!”

“Look… I… I can’t tell you that I don’t feel the same things you do…” I began. “That was a remarkably good kiss…” I left out that it was by far the best kiss I’d ever had. It left everything else in the dust behind it.

“Wait a minute, so yesterday you did nothing but make excuses for why you can’t be with me, and tonight you’re all of a sudden kissing me?” She demanded. She threw her hand up in the air.

“I’m sorry.” I swallowed. “I really didn’t mean it.”

“It didn’t feel like you didn’t mean it!” She snapped.

God, even pissed off she was incredibly sexy. I wanted to kiss her again.

“I can’t say that I’m not attracted to you, Olivia. I’m just saying that we shouldn’t be together. I’m no good for you.”

“So you’re saying that you feel comfortable kissing me, but you don’t want to date me…” Olivia narrowed her eyes accusingly. “You’re just like every other guy in this place. You’re only interested in one thing. I thought you were different! I thought you might actually like me for me and not…” She stopped herself, her chest heaving with the anger in her voice. “I think you should go. Now.” Her voice was cold and she was struggling to keep it even.

I nodded. “That’s probably best.”

I sloppily shoved my things into my bag and stood. I swallowed and felt like I should say something else. But I wasn’t sure what I should say.

“Sixty-seven.” I blurted out.

“What?” She demanded in confusion.

“My mark was a sixty-seven.” I clarified. I waited a brief second before leaving her dorm and pulling the door closed behind me.