Chapter 23: Homework Help

Olivia arranged to come to my dorm to work on our history homework. Thomas had offered to go to the library or invent some laundry to do, but I informed him it wasn’t necessary. I didn’t feel right asking the guy to go someplace else when he really had no one else to go with.

He was playing one of our favorite video games when I heard Olivia’s soft knock at the door.

I let her in, distracted immediately by her. She was wearing a white gauzy flowing skirt, that fluttered around her calves. She had paired it with a thin navy blue tank top with beads embellishing the front. She had on a white cardigan. The top half of her hair was pulled up while the bottom flowed around her shoulders in perfect waves. Her green eyes sparkled and her mouth seemed moist—most likely a fresh coat of lip gloss. And I was dying to taste it.

I swallowed thickly. My mouth and throat were suddenly dry. What was wrong with me?

Olivia smiled at me. “Hi.” She said softly.

“Hey…” I replied, realizing she was carrying her books, hugged to her chest. “Oh, do you want me to take those?” I asked.

“I’ve got it.” She smiled sweetly, pushing herself up onto her toes. She lightly kissed my cheek gently.

I grinned hugely, my hand resting on her hip, I lightly pulled her closer. She giggled softly. I bent toward her to kiss her properly.

“Thomas…” She reminded lightly.

“Oh, right.” I nodded, incredibly disappointed. To be completely honest, I’d forgotten about Thomas being in the room.

Olivia smiled, moving around me. My arms felt empty without her.

“Hi, Thomas. How are you?” She chirped sweetly.

“Hey, Olivia.” Thomas paused the game he’d been playing. “How are you?”

“I’m good.” Olivia laughed softly.

“I’ll um… shut the TV off, and you guys can have the living room…” Thomas offered.

“No, it’s alright. You don’t have to move.” Olivia began.

“Yeah, don’t worry about it.” I said quickly, my hand falling on Olivia’s lower back. “We’ll study in my room.”

“Yeah, that’s a better idea.” Olivia agreed.

Thomas shrugged. “Alright. That works.”

I swallowed hard. Suddenly it hit me that I was about to go into my bedroom with a girl I could hardly keep my hands off of, and a girl I had to fight to keep from kissing constantly.

“We should get started.” Olivia said softly.

I nodded, “Right.”

I led Olivia into my room, turning on the light.

Olivia smiled faintly and lightly sat down on the edge of my bed. I closed the door behind us and for a moment stood awkwardly. “Uhh… sorry, it’s kind of a mess…” I picked up my guitar from the bed, slinging it onto it’s cradle.

Olivia laughed softly. “It’s not so bad. I kind of expected it to be worse, actually.”

“Well, it was… believe it or not I actually cleaned up a little…” my incessant ramblings trailed off as Olivia removed her cardigan. It seemed to happen gradually, as if someone was slowing down actual time to torment me.

“Uh…” I quickly glanced away, picking up my books from the top of my dresser. I pulled out the chair at my desk, plopping down and balancing my books in my lap.

“Could I borrow a pen?” Olivia asked.

“Yeah,” I reached behind me and selected a pen from the pile on my desk, holding it out to her.

She took it and opened her books. To my surprise, she stretched out on her side, balancing her head on her bent arm.

I swallowed. It was like watching a fully clothed model sprawl seductively on my bed. The rational part of my brain told me that her position wasn’t seductive at all, it was simply casual, but I still couldn’t help but imagine myself going over to her.

I watched her chew her pen, the cute little habit she always had while she read.

Awkwardly, I shook my head and snapped out of it. I finally opened my books, knowing I wouldn’t get much done with temptation literally lying on my bed.

I forced myself to read several paragraphs, until I got to the question I was supposed to be answering. Olivia had already neatly written out a page and a half in her notebook. There were only two questions, and she was almost halfway done.

I knew I should have felt bad that instead of working on my homework, I was thinking of her, but I couldn’t bring myself to that conclusion.

I glanced up again at Olivia, who had changed positions to bring herself into a better position to write. She was now lying on her stomach, diagonally across my bed. Her feet were in the air, with her silky legs protruding from beneath her flowing skirt. Her toes were pointed up adorably, her ankles crossed together.

I followed the line of her body up to her perfect ass, then beyond to her smooth shoulders, her soft curls and her long, smooth arms.

I awkwardly tried to break the silence. “Umm… so what did you get for question one?” I asked.

Olivia laughed softly. “Really? It’s kind of an essay question. Do you want to hear everything I wrote?”

I shrugged. “Couldn’t hurt. I’m uhh… not entirely sure what the question is asking us to do…” I knew exactly what I was doing, but I wanted more contact with Olivia.

She smiled. “Okay… come here.” She sat up slowly.

I gathered my books and moved closer to her, sitting awkwardly on the edge of my bed.

Olivia moved closer to me, leaning over my shoulder. “The first question?” She asked, leaning over me, her finger finding the question on my textbook.

I swallowed roughly, turning toward her. Her sweet, fruity smell was now far too close for comfort. Asking her for help was a bad idea, because now I knew I wasn’t going to get anything done.

Olivia was talking to me, and I knew since I couldn’t take my eyes off her plump mouth. I wasn’t even listening.

Olivia finally glanced up at me, probably realizing that I had completely gapped out.

She smiled, her eyes flitting up to mine. “You want to kiss me, don’t you?”

“I was thinking about it.” I replied dryly.

She breathed slowly. “You… you can if you want…”

I grinned. “Well, I think I might have to think about that…”

She moved toward me quickly, kissing me.

I grinned and returned her kisses. I moved my hand into her hair. She shifted around awkwardly, attempting to crawl onto my lap, swinging one of her legs around.

Somehow, we both lost our balance and tumbled back onto the bed. In an effort to catch her and cradle her fall, I somehow collapsed on top of her.

Her cheeks held a faint blush. “I’m sorry… I’m really bad at this kind of stuff…”

I laughed. “What happened?”

“This stupid skirt!” She pouted. “I tripped over it. I’m sorry.”

I grinned. “No, I’m sorry, are you alright?”

Olivia nodded beneath me.

“Okay, good.” Having her beneath me like this was too good of an opportunity to pass up. I reached out and lightly stroked her cheek. She turned her chin and nestled her cheek into my hand, her eyes sparkling up at me. Her lower lip tucked beneath her top lip shyly.

I bent and kissed her again, moving carefully to the side, to spare her from my full weight on top of her.

Her hands eagerly moved into my hair, as she returned my kisses, easily keeping up.

My hand lightly fell onto her hip, feeling her protruding hipbone beneath my thumb. I moved my hand slowly up her side, her thin shirt bunching beneath my hand.

She made a delightful, delectable moaning sound, and I pulled her closer desperately. My hand wandered up her back, curling her hair around my fingers.

She shivered lightly, pressing against me.

I was about to loose control, and very quickly.

I broke the kisses immediately, and she seemed to pout. As she stared up at me timidly, her perfect eyebrows knitting together worriedly.

“Olivia, I’m really sorry… I don’t know what’s wrong with me… I… I feel like I jump you every time I’m alone with you…” I swallowed. “I invited you over to study and… and I can barely keep my hands off you.” I admitted.

“I really, really don’t mind.” She insisted, chewing her lip. She lightly ran her fingers from my shoulders down my chest. This simple motion sparked the urge to kiss her again.

“I just… I don’t think we should rush into this stuff so fast… I mean, it’s only been a couple of weeks.”

Olivia nodded. “Yes, you’re right.” She agreed.

“Okay.” My hand was still resting on her side. I lightly stroked her side with my thumb, staring down at her for a moment.

“Uhh… right.” I said quickly, clearing my throat. I slowly moved my arms from around her and sat up, reaching for my books, and pulling them into my lap.

Olivia sat next to me, adjusting her shirt and her skirt. She awkwardly touched her swollen lips, looking more incredible by the moment.

“Well… that was… a nice study break.” She mused softly.

I chuckled. “Right.”

She curled her legs beneath her, opening her books. “Do you still need some help?”

I chuckled. “No. I never needed help in the first place. I was just looking for an excuse to get your attention.”

She laughed. “Sneaky.”

“I thought it was brilliant.” I shrugged.”