Chapter 27: Formal

I followed Olivia into the dance hall, having never been to that part of the school. My old school either used the gym or the cafeteria. But this school actually had a room designated for dancing and school functions such as this.

Thomas and Gabby were suddenly gone. Olivia slowly removed her silk shawl and folded it over one arm, as I glanced around.

I’d crashed the odd school dance at my old school, and they always looked the same. I had expected this one to be the same.

The place looked more like a fancy nightclub than a high school. The lights were dim, with large circles of different colored lights flitting around the walls and floors. A DJ booth was set up along one side, and a snack bar was notched into one of the walls. There were a few scattered tables set up, but few people were using them. Most people were dancing, and having a good time. Several groups of people were simply standing in circles and talking.

My hand had been resting on Olivia’s lower back, and slowly I moved my arm around her as I attempted to take everything in.

Olivia smiled up at me. “We don’t have to stay long, if this is overwhelming.” She said to me.

“What? No.” I chuckled. “Come on, this is nothing.” I told her.

“Okay.” She nodded. “Can I just check my wrap?” She asked, holding up the silk shawl she’d had around her shoulders.

“Yeah, yeah, of course.” I agreed.


I followed her to the coat check and waited for her to hand her shawl to one of the people working the coat check. She accepted her ticket, smiling politely.

“Do you want me to hang onto that?” I offered. “I’ve got pockets.”

“Thank you.” She surrendered the ticket to me.

I shoved it quickly in my pocket and took her hand. “Come here.” I urged.

I pulled her through the crowds of people to the center of the dance floor. I lifted the hand I held over her head and spun her around, in a flutter of her skirts. She giggled.

I placed my free hand on her hip and lightly pulled her closer to me.

She smiled hugely. “I think I like this. I could get used to this.” She told me, shouting slightly to be heard over the music.

“Me too. It’s good to see you genius freaks actually do normal things around here.” I teased.

Olivia laughed. “I’m not a genius.”

“Yes you are.” I smirked. “You’re brilliant.” I twirled her around again, bringing her swiftly back into my arms. I caught her and lightly dipped her back.

She arched in my arms and shrieked with giggles. I helped her up, pulling her into my arms.

She looped her arms around my shoulders loosely.

“Do you want a drink or anything? I mean, could I get you something?” I asked.

Olivia laughed softly. “I’m having a good time. You don’t have to try so hard.”

“Sorry. I’m kind of new at this stuff.” I lightly stroked her sides.

Olivia smiled. “That’s okay. I’m new at this too, you know. I’ve been to dances before, but never with a date.” She pursed her lips.

The song ended and a much slower one came on. Olivia gasped excitedly.

I rolled my eyes. “Great. I suck at dancing.”

Olivia grinned hugely. “I bet you do fine. Here.” Her hand closed around my wrist, lifting my hand higher on her side. She lifted that hand onto my shoulder. The other hand slid down my arm and took my hand.

“See? Not so bad.” She smiled.

“Yeah, you’re right.” I grinned hugely, leaning toward her and kissing her.

She giggled happily, returning my kisses.

She moved closer to me, and my hand slid onto her lower back.

She beamed up at me, happily. We swayed lightly to the music. I hated dancing, but I was content just to hold her in my arms.

Olivia giggled again, “You don’t have to be so formal and rigid.” She teased wiggling my arm with hers.

“Sorry.” I released her hand. “I suck at this.”

“You’re not that bad.” She smiled, her hand sliding up my arm and resting on my shoulder.

With my hands lightly on her hips, I pulled her closer.

She smiled and wrapped her arms around my neck, standing on her toes to reach. I bent and lightly kissed her.

She laughed, reaching forward to kiss me again.

“Can you two stop groping each other or what? You’re going to get kicked out!”

I looked up, glaring at the person who had disturbed us. She was a perky little blonde with pin straight hair and small features.

Olivia laughed softly, releasing me and hugging the petite blonde. “Hi, Ava!”

I dragged my palm across the back of my neck, awkwardly. My arms felt empty without Olivia in them.

“Hey, Liv! I saw you guys sucking face all the way over there.” She pointed.

Olivia blushed slightly.

“Ava, this is Isaac. Isaac… Ava.” Olivia introduced us.

“Uh, hi.” I answered, awkwardly. “Nice to meet you.”

Ava smiled sweetly. “I’ve heard so much about you. Honestly, she doesn’t shut up about you.”

Olivia blushed further.

“I should go find my date. Who know’s what he’s doing when he doesn’t have the opportunity to state at my chest all night long.” Ava rolled her eyes.

Olivia laughed. “We’ll catch up with you later.”

Ava disappeared and Olivia turned back to me. She drew in a deep breath, “Um… you know, she exaggerates a lot…” She began awkwardly.

I caught her chin between my thumb and forefinger. “Uh-huh, sure she is.” I cut her off by kissing her softly.

She laughed, and returned my kisses.

“Do you want a drink or anything?” I offered, releasing her slowly.

“Sure. Water?”

“Alright.” I agreed.

I led her over to one of the tables and she sat. I didn’t like leaving her, but I made my way quickly to the concession stand.

“Hey, man.”

I turned suddenly to see Thomas standing awkwardly.

“Hey, man. How’s it going?” I asked.

“Alright.” Thomas nodded.

“Are you having a good time? Are you glad you came?”

“Yeah. I’m having an alright time.”

“Where’s Gabby?” I glanced around.

“She’s talking to some cheerleaders.” Thomas rolled his eyes. “I couldn’t take the squealing, so I offered to get her a soda.”

“Good plan. Listen, man. I owe you huge for doing this. It meant a ton to Olivia.” I began awkwardly.

“Don’t mention it. I’m actually having a good time. And I owed you for dealing with those football guys.”

“I would have done that anyway. Those guys are assholes… have they been bugging you here?” I glanced around awkwardly.

“No, which is awesome.”

“Those guys need to be knocked down a few pegs, seriously.”

Thomas accepted the can of diet coke and handed over some change at the snack bar.

Gabby appeared suddenly, taking Thomas’ arm. “There you are! Come on, you owe me a dance.” She smiled hugely. She stood on her toes and lightly kissed his cheek.

Thomas turned red.

I laughed, asking for two bottles of water and handing over a few dollars. When I turned back, Thomas was gone.

I found Olivia again and sat next to her. “Hey.”

“Hey. I just saw Gabby. She looks happy. You know, Thomas might be good for her. I mean, he’s the complete opposite of the jerks and losers she usually dates.”

I laughed. “True. Besides, I think Thomas secretly likes her.”

Olivia grinned hugely. “That’s so sweet!” She cooed.

I chuckled. “You’re a hopeless romantic.”

“Maybe a little.” She opened her bottle of water and took a small sip.

“Let me know when you’re ready to dance again.” I offered.

Olivia giggled. “I thought you didn’t like dancing.” She smirked.

I shrugged. “It’s growing on me…” I laughed.

I chugged down my water and put the top back on, leaving it on the table.

Olivia sighed softly.

“Are you okay? You seem a little distracted.” I offered, trying to read her expression.

“I’m fine.” She smiled sweetly. “I’ve just… got something on my mind.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” I offered.

Olivia smiled. “It’s fine. We can discuss it later.”
I nodded slowly.

Olivia drew in a deep breath. “Can we dance again?”

“Absolutely.” I agreed.

I followed her back out to the dance floor, content to hold her in my arms as we swayed to the music.

She nestled the occasional kiss against my throat or cheek, and all I wanted to do was dip her back and kiss her properly.

We stayed until the dance ended; I hadn’t even noticed that the hall had cleared considerably. Only a handful of couples were left.

Olivia moistened her lips. “Ike… do… do you think maybe we could go back to my dorm?” Olivia asked weakly. She lightly brushed her hands across my shoulders. “Maybe… you could spend the night?” She bit her lip.

I grinned. “Sure, if that’s what you’d like…” I agreed.

“Good.” She smiled.