Chapter 37: Worth While

School dragged, as it usually did without Olivia. I hung out with Thomas as much as I could, eating lunch with him before walking to our dorm with Thomas. I fried omelets and bacon, which were pretty much the only thing I could make on my own.

I’d cranked up the music and was half dancing, half head-banging around the kitchen, when the phone rang.

“I’ll get it.” Thomas answered.

He got up from his chair at the table, plopping down his thick advanced calculus textbook and moving for the phone.

“Hello?” He answered.

I played a mean air guitar along with one of my favorite riffs, wishing I had brought my beat up electric fender and an amp to jam along with the screeching guitar.

I finished just as Thomas was hanging up the phone.

“Who was that?” I asked casually.

“Gabby. She wants to come over tonight for some tutoring…”

“Awesome. I’ll get out of your way then. I’ll call Olivia after dinner and see if she wants to do something.” I suggested.

Thomas nodded, plopping down at the table. He shoved his glasses up his nose.

“Do you want me to leave you some condoms, man, or are you alright?” I asked suddenly.

Thomas’ eyes widened, looking huge behind the thick pane of his glasses. He actually blushed.

“Well, I mean… I don’t think… I mean, I’m…. out of her league… and I…. well, it’s not even really…. Like she’s… it’s not a date…” Thomas sputtered uncomfortably.

I laughed. “Dude, come on. You seriously can’t tell me that if she came over here and told you that she wanted you right there on that couch-“ I pointed, unnecessarily. “-That you wouldn’t jump at the chance.”

Thomas took a long hard look at the sofa and shrugged. “I don’t know. It would depend on the circumstances…” He began dumbly.

I gaped at him. “Oh come on!”

Thomas shrugged. “It’s not that easy, man.”

I shook my head. “Dinner is ready.”


I ventured over to Olivia’s dorm, knocking on her door.

After a few moments, the door opened and Olivia answered. She looked tired and slightly stressed, but a lot better than the last time I’d seen her.

“Hey.” She smiled weakly.

“Hi.” I answered, moving into her dorm. I immediately remembered the last time I’d tried to kiss her, so this time I opted to lightly pull into a hug.

She sighed softly, pressing into me with more enthusiasm. “I missed you.” She sighed softly.

“I missed you too.” I mused, kissing her shoulder.

We stood several minutes in the tight embrace. I could have stayed like that for ages. I was usually against cuddling, finding it emasculating, but with Olivia I didn’t mind.

Having this fantastically beautiful girl in my arms was nearly heaven. She was so soft, and silky. She smelled fruity and sweet and it almost made my mouth water.

I lightly stroked her back for a moment, before my hand found its way into her luscious curls.

“How was school?” She asked suddenly.

“Long, boring and tedious.” I answered.

Olivia laughed softly, and sighed. “I miss it.”

“Then come back.” I suggested. “It’s no fun without you anyway.”

Olivia sighed. “I just don’t know… I still can’t face anyone yet. I’m still so… humiliated. Those guys said some really horrible things… and I… I’m just having trouble forgetting them.”

I sighed, my hands balling into fists at the small of her back. “I hate those guys. I literally want to kill them after the things they said.” I seethed.

Olivia pulled back lightly, I kept my arms around her.

She held my face between her cool, silky hands. “Isaac, please… you’ve already been in so many fights since you’ve been here… and I don’t want you to get hurt or kicked out… you’re the only person around here that makes it worth while to be here.” She told me.

I sighed. “I don’t want to get kicked out either, but those guys crossed a line. They need to be dealt with.” I told her. I could feel my entire body tensing with anger.

She lightly stroked my cheek, and I felt the anger slowly leave me.

She smiled slowly up at me.

I sighed again. “Okay, okay. You’ve convinced me.” I smiled. I caught her hand. “Have you been out of your room yet?”

She pursed her lips. “Not in four days.”

“Are you up to going out right now?” I asked.

Olivia pursed her lips tightly. “I… I don’t know… Isaac, I…”

“We don’t have to hang out with other people or anything… we could just go for a walk. Just the two of us…”

Olivia sighed. “You have no idea what it’s like to live on a floor with all girls.” She informed me. “I swear, they’re like vultures. I mean, these girls will take any little hint of gossip and it’ll spread like a bad rash. Isaac, this place is horrible, and after what happened, I’m sure they’re dying for some tidbit of information and they’re going to run all over with it and-“

I lightly held my index finder to her lips. “I’m taking you out of this room if I have to throw you over my shoulder and drag you kicking and screaming down the hall.” I informed her.

Her pretty green eyes widened in alarm.

“Besides, I’ve already come up with a brilliant disguise for you.” I informed her. I reached around her shoulders and lifted the hood of her sweater up over her head.

It covered her forehead. “See? Perfect. No one can even tell it’s you.”

Olivia smiled softly. She tucked her silky curls into the hoodie and zipped it up. “Really? Do you think this will work?”

“Absolutely.” I answered.

Olivia drew in a deep breath. “Okay.” She nodded. “Lets do it. Let’s go.”


She picked up her room key, slipping it into the front pocket of her worn jeans.

I opened the door and took a quick glance into the hallway. It was empty.

I reached for her hand and grasped it tightly in mine.

“Come on, go.”

She gasped sharply, and I started running, pulling her with me by the hand.

She giggled softly, running along side me.

I opened the door and we both moved through it. Olivia pressed the button for the elevator and when the doors opened, they ventured inside.

Olivia laughed loudly. “Oh my god!” She laughed.

“See? Not bad for a smoker…” I puffed, out of breath. “Or a former smoker,” I grinned.

Olivia pushed herself up onto her toes and nestled her lips against mine.

I chuckled, my arms moving around her waist.

She smiled up at me. “Thank you.”

“Anytime,” I grinned.

Just getting out of her dorm seemed to put Olivia in a much better mood. She was smiling happily, and even let me kiss her again. My plan had worked and she seemed to be turning around.