Chapter 39: Making Plans

Olivia and I were partners in our science class. She leaned over suddenly, lightly stroking my thigh through my stuffy and uncomfortable uniform pants.

I frowned down at my paper, trying desperately to understand the biology work we were doing.

I wasn’t getting it at all.

“You look confused.” Olivia mused, leaning closer to me.

I glanced back at her, immediately distracted by the smooth expanse of silky legs extending from her plaid skirt.

Whoever invented those short kilts for school uniforms was a genius.

“I’m not getting any of this.” I answered. I glanced at her paper, which was filled out entirely, in her neat, perfect handwriting. She knew every single answer, and filled them out almost as soon as we finished the lab.

“Do you want some help?” Olivia asked. “You could come over tonight, and we could work on it… if that helps.” She offered.

“Yeah, that would be great Liv. Because I’m not getting any of this.” I mused.

“How about you just copy down my answers, and we’ll go over it later; I’ll explain everything.”

I smiled. “It’s okay. I’ll do it later.” He offered. I glanced up at the clock over the door. “Class is almost over.” I neatly tucked the leaf of paper into my textbook, and folded up my notebook, sliding my pen into the coil binding.

“You know, I’m really glad you decided to come to class today.” I said to her.

She smiled shyly up at me. “I’m glad I came too. And I’m really glad you dragged me out of my dorm… I would probably still be there if it weren’t for you.” She smiled up at me. “You were completely right, I can’t let those guys get to me and… and maybe a little later I can show you just how much I appreciate all you’ve done for me…” She lowered her voice darkly.

I chuckled. “Is that a promise?”

She grinned. “You bet.”

The professor dismissed us, and Olivia lifted herself up from the stool. I gathered her books and stacked them on top of mine, tucking them under my arm.

Olivia slipped her tiny hand into mine, smiling up at me. We filtered from the room with everyone else.

I kept her close, leaning down to whisper closely to her. “Do you need to stop at your locker first?”

She smiled up at me and nodded. “I need to get my bag and my homework.”


“Do you need to stop at yours?” She asked me.

“I suppose I should pick up some of my homework. Even if I’m not going to do it, I should at least bring it home, right?” I smirked.

Olivia playfully shoved me, laughing softly. “I’ll help you do your homework.” She smiled.

We reached her locker first, and she quickly spun the dial and opened it. I glanced around the hallway, at people all excited to be out of classes for the weekend.

I glanced down the hall and noticed one of the football players that I’d had an altercation with. His eyes met mine for a brief moment, and he quickly looked away, touching his red and swollen nose briefly. It had clearly been broken and reset, and I was feeling quite pleased with myself. I smirked at him, and felt Olivia shift toward me.

“Ike?” She asked. “Who’s that?” She turned to see who I was looking at.

“Uh, no one.” I said quickly, resting my hand on her hip and drawing her attention back to him. “What were you saying?” I asked, lightly stroking her side.

“I was just asking what we’re doing this weekend.” She brushed a silky, chocolate curl out of her face.

I reached out with my free hand and twisted it back behind her ear, a small smile tugging at my lips. “Well, we could go into town, with the rest of the student body.” I began. “I need to pick up a few supplies…”

I was mainly thinking about picking up some cigarettes and some extra condoms.

Olivia smiled. “I think I’d like to see some new scenery… It kind of sucks being stuck here all the time. I mean, even if we just picked up dinner and wandered around a bit, I think I’d be happy.”

She pursed her perfect, gloss coated lips.

“That sounds great.” I nodded.

“Oh, but we should hurry. I’ll need to shower and change and everything to get ready…” She began slowly.

“Right. I want to shower too… what about our homework?”

“There’s always tomorrow.” She smiled, pushing herself up onto her toes and lightly kissing my lips.

I chucked, hugging her briefly. “Okay, if I keep kissing you, I’m never going to get anything done.”

She giggled softly.


I dropped Olivia off at her dorm and went home to shower and change. I yanked a brush through my snarled hair and shoved it into a pony-tail.

“Going out?” Thomas asked.

“We’re going into town. You should see if Gabby wants to go with you. She likes you, I hear.” I smirked.

Thomas blushed slightly. “I don’t know about that. There’s probably some weird psychological reason why she kissed me. Like… like transference?”

I frowned. “I don’t know what that is.”

Thomas shrugged.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go with us?” I pressed.

Thomas nodded. “I’m sure.”

“Okay, I should go. I have to pick up Olivia and we can’t miss the bus.”

Thomas nodded again.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

Thomas shrugged lightly. “Probably physics homework.”

I frowned. “Good luck with that.”

“Or maybe I’ll call some of the guys from the chest club and see if they want to play video games or something.”

“That sounds like a more appropriate thing to do on a Friday night.” I teased. “Just consider giving Gabby a call.”

Thomas nodded. “I’ll consider it.” He smirked.

“Okay, I’d better go.”

I grabbed my wallet and quickly left our rooms. I waited outside the glass doors to Olivia’s floor.

Within minutes Olivia came down the hall, smiling at me.

Her long silky curls hung down her back to her waist, and made her look angelic.

She was wearing a long black strapless dress that hung to her feet. It was fitted at the bust then cascaded down. She had paired it with a cropped pink cotton sweater, which hung just below her bust. It had long sleeves, and looked perfect with the expanse of pale skin around her throat and chest.

“Oh, wow.” I breathed.

She smiled, a light pink coloring her cheeks. “You don’t think it’s too much?”

“Not at all.” I answered with a grin. “Perfect.” I bent and lightly kissed her.

Her lips tasted sweetly of cherry lip gloss.

She laughed softly.
”We’re going to be late,” she mused.

I shrugged. “Well, we could always just go back to your room…” I suggested.

She rolled her eyes. “I doubt it. Gabby is in the middle of another horrendous break up.”

“Again? Jeeze, how many boyfriends does that girl go through in a school year?” I rolled my eyes.

Olivia shot me a weary look as she pressed the button on the elevator.

“Oh! Wait a minute!” I suddenly caught on. “She was with this guy and she was just making out with Thomas the other night?” I demanded.

Olivia stepped into the elevator, pulling me by the hand into the car. She silenced me with a chaste kiss.