Chapter 40: Green and Slimy

Olivia and I ran through the main quad to reach the bus in time. She giggled, trying to hold her dress out of the way with one hand while her other was clutched in mine.

We reached the bus and they closed the door. We found two seats near the middle of the bus, and I let her have the window seat.

I kept her hand in mine as we sat. I interlaced her fingers with mine.

“So…” She began slowly, turning to me, and crossing her legs neatly beneath her long flowing skirt. “It’s Friday night…” She began.

I smirked, she was being cute and awkward. “Yeah…”

“And I was thinking that since we don’t have school tomorrow… maybe… maybe I could just…” She paused and lowered her voice. “Sleep in your dorm tonight?” She stopped for a quick second and an adorable blush crept into her face. “I mean, if that’s okay with you, right? I mean, I wouldn’t want to-“

I laughed softly. “Liv, of course.. If… if you want.” I added.

Olivia smiled. “I’d like to.”

“I would like you to also.” I grinned.

She smiled, laying her head on my shoulder.

“So, what do you want to do in town?” I asked her as the bus pulled away from the front of the building. It inched slowly behind the other buses through the thick iron gates.

“Hmm… well, maybe we could just get dinner and wander around a bit. Is there anything you’re looking for?”

The only thing I had to pick up were cigarettes, but of course I couldn’t tell Olivia that. Olivia thought I’d quit, but I couldn’t five it up. Not yet. I’d cut down considerably, but it was getting harder and harder to quit.
I didn’t think I would need condoms or anything, but I thought I’d better stock up just in case. In the event that things went well, and I didn’t completely screw this up, I might need them. I leaned toward Olivia and lightly kissed her forehead.

She giggled softly. “What was that for?”

I shrugged lightly. “I don’t know. Just seemed right.” I laughed softly.

“Oh.” She said suddenly. “Do you think Thomas will mind if I stay over?” She worried suddenly.

I shrugged. “I don’t think so.” I frowned. He’d better not mind because I’d be the one kicking his ass this time.

Olivia smiled. “I hope so.” She pursed her lips for a brief moment.

I glanced around at the other people on the bus, looking for someone I recognized. There weren’t a lot of people at this school, maybe a couple thousand, but I didn’t recognize anyone.

I didn’t even see the assholes from the football team, which was a good sign. I wanted more than anything to literally kill those guys, and being off school property would give me the perfect excuse to do it.

Olivia’s stomach growled suddenly and she blushed.

I laughed softly. “You’re hungry; we probably could have grabbed something before we left campus.” I mused, glancing past her out the window.

“We could stop while we’re out… I mean, that would be okay.” She answered, smiling.

“Sounds good to me.” I agreed. “Is there anything you’re looking for?”

“I need some new art supplies. Charcoal pencils and some paper. Maybe a roll of canvas or something.” She mused.

I smiled, her entire face lit up as soon as she started talking about art. She seemed so genuinely happy, it was cute.

After what seemed like ages, we arrived in town. The busses arrived in the usual spot. It seemed to take ages for the busses to empty. We stepped off the bus and made our way toward the main street in the town.

“Okay, so where do you want to eat?” I asked.

She smiled up at me. “Well, there are just so many choices!” She teased.

“Alright, so lets just get a big huge steak—you know those big giant ones—and split it.” I suggested.

Olivia stopped walking and gaped at me. Her mouth had fallen open and an adorable expression of shock and confusion crossed her face.

I smirked. “I was kidding.”

“That was…. Not funny.” She breathed.

“Sorry.” I replied. I extended my arm and she slipped beneath it, walking next to me. Suddenly she poked me in the ribs. “You know, it wouldn’t kill you to eat a salad once in a while.” She smirked.

“Actually, I think it would.” I mused. “I’m allergic to green slimy things.”

Olivia smiled. “I’ll have to show you different.” She beamed.

“Alright. Pick a place to eat.” I insisted.

She smiled and thought about it for a second. “Okay, I know a place.” She grinned. She took my hand tightly and led me around the corner, away from the hordes of students that were now descending on the town like menacing ants on a picnic.

I opened the door for her and we slipped inside.

“Hi, table for two?” The hostess asked.

“Yeah.” I agreed.

The hostess showed us a table near the window. It seemed like a perfect spot for us to sit. Or at least to me it did.

“Could we have something more private?” Olivia asked the hostess.

“Absolutely.” The hostess agreed.

She showed us a private booth at the very back of the restaurant.

I slid into the booth and Olivia immediately slid around the u-shaped seat to sit next to me.

The hostess left us with our menus and within a few minutes, the waitress arrived to take our drink orders. Olivia ordered an ice tea and I asked for a coke.

We flipped through our menus and eventually decided what we wanted. The waitress returned and we both ordered.

“Oh and can I get the house salad?” Olivia asked suddenly. “Two forks?”

“Absolutely.” The waitress flashed us a huge smile and turned on her heel.

“Salad?” I grinned at Olivia.

She smiled. “I want to prove to you that not all salads are gross.” She lightly laid her hand on my thigh, gently moving her hand up and down.

I was instantly distracted and leaning toward her before I could even stop myself.

“Alright, maybe just once…” I mumbled.

She giggled, reaching up and kissing my lips.

“Why don’t we just get a cab back to PCA? Go straight to my dorm?” I tempted.

She laughed. “That would be ridiculously expensive! Besides, we’ve already ordered.” She grinned, taking my hand in hers. I interlaced my fingers with hers, grinning.

The waitress arrived with Olivia’s salad, placing it between us.

Olivia took a bite, “They make the best salad here. Try some.”

“No thanks. I’m not much of a salad eater.” I frowned.

“Try it.” She insisted, holding out a fork to me, it was speared with green leaves.

“No thanks.” I smirked.

She sighed. “Fine. You don’t know what you’re missing.” She slid the salad into her mouth. “It’s very good.” She chewed slowly.

“You’re not going to give up until I try some?” I asked.

She grinned at me, gracefully stabbing a few pieces of lettuce with her fork. She held it out to me and lightly slipped it into my mouth.

I chewed it slowly, trying not to make a disgusted face.


“Yeah.” I answered, slightly surprised.

She grinned and kissed me again.

“Want to try some of my chicken fingers?”

She frowned. “Chicken is still meat.”

“Right. Of course.” I smirked. “Kiss me again.”