Chapter 42: Insatiable

I woke up earlymuch earlier than usual. Olivia was awake before me, and her light kisses along my back and shoulder woke me immediately.

We fooled around for a bit before Olivia bashfully asked to use our shower.

I knew it was Saturday morning, and Thomas had his scrabble tournament. We had the dorm to ourselves.

While Olivia was in the shower, I yanked on a pair of boxers and plopped down at the computer to check my email.

There was a huge, long rambling email from my mom about how they were getting ready for Christmas and they were going to put an airline ticket in my name so I could fly home for the holidays.

I sighed, the last place I wanted to be around the holidays was at home. I knew what my family was like and if there was anything in the world that would make me want to drink or get high it would be my family at Christmas.

Just thinking about it made me want a cigarette.

Olivia looped her arms around my neck from behind. She giggled softly, leaning over my shoulder. She cooed in my ear. “Come back to bed

I grinned. “Insatiable, are we?”

“Hmm… maybe a little. I could jump back in the shower if you’re into that…” She teased.

She sighed and rested her chin on my shoulder. “What are you doing?”

“Reading the email from my parents. They want me to go home for the holidays.” I sighed.

“Are you going home for the holidays?” She inquired.

I thought about it for a split second. “No, I don’t think so. Are you going home?” I asked.

“Yeah. I usually spend Christmas with my dad because I don’t see him that often, and I don’t like him being home alone on Christmas, you know? Then I usually fly to my mom’s and spend the remainder of vacation with my mom and step dad…”

I nodded slowly.

“You know…” She began, moving around to my side. She kept her arm around my shoulders and slid into my lap. She was wearing my flannel button down, which barely covered her. “If you went home and I was at my dad’s… we could hang out.”

I nodded. “Or I could stay here. And you could stay with me, and we could just stay in bed the whole two weeks.” I smirked.

Olivia smirked. “I don’t know about that, that’s fairly tempting…” She laughed.

I lightly rubbed her bare leg. “Okay, so what are we doing today?” I asked, trying to change the conversation. I lightly twirled one of her wet locks of hair around my finger.

She chewed her lip. “Well, I guess I should eventually get back to my dorm, at least for a change of clothes… who knows what people will think if I leave here in the same clothes I wore yesterday…” She grinned.

I grinned and shrugged. “Who cares? I mean, you were loud enough to wake the dead last night, I’m sure they heard us and guessed that either we were having amazing sex or I was killing you…”

Olivia laughed softly, playfully swatting my arm. “Will you at least think about going home for the holidays? I hate to think of you here all alone on Christmas.” Her adorable mouth turned into a small pout.

“I’ll think about it, okay?” I conceded.

“Good.” She smiled, leaning to me and lightly pecking my lips. “Okay, I think I should get dressed.”

Before she could hop off my lap, I grinned, tucking my arms around her and scooping her up. She grinned, kicking her feet. I dropped her onto my bed and climbed in next to her. I yanked the sheets over us both.

She giggled softly.

“You know, all you had to do was ask and I would have gotten into bed with you.” She grinned. “I wouldn’t have protested.”

I smirked. “Yeah, it was just more fun this way.” I folded my arms behind my head.

Olivia grinned, climbing on top of me. She perched on my abdomen, grinning down at me. She leaned down and kissed me.

I returned her kisses eagerly, running my hands along her smooth thighs.

She sighed suddenly, resting her forehead against mine. “You know something?”

“What?” I asked. I was wondering why she had stopped kissing me.

She grinned. “I had never noticed how messy your room was before.” She glanced around.

“You were distracted.” I told her. “If you like I can distract you again…” I smirked.

She laughed softly. “Well, I don’t know.” She teased. “I may have to think about that…”

I grinned and promptly flipped her onto her back.

Olivia shrieked with laughter and I silenced her with a kiss. My hand slid beneath her shirt and up her body slowly.

I moved my kisses down her neck. She was already wrenching open her shirt, and struggling out of it. “You’re taking too long.” She told me.

I let her climb on top of me, and she yanked off her shirt, leaning down to kiss me again.

She kissed me ravenously, moaning softly against my lips.

I ran my hands up her smooth back. I had the best girlfriend in the world. Incredibly smart and sexy and she couldn’t keep her hands off me.

She sat up and was straining toward my nightstand, for a condom.

I grinned, wrapping my arms around her and kissing her neck and shoulder.

She moaned softly arching against me.

I pulled her to me, rocking her hips against mine. Her delicious purring noises stopped.

“Isaac? What are these?” She asked.

I frowned. “Nothing, honey. It doesn’t matter.” I murmured against her silky skin. It didn’t matter what she was talking about, I was too focused to stop.

“Isaac seriously!” She pushed me away with more conviction. “Stop!”

I sighed and stopped kissing her. I turned to see what she was holding in her hands. She was holding my last package of cigarettes. It was almost full.

“Oh, those.”

“You’re still smoking…”

“I’ve cut down considerably. I mean, I’m hardly smoking at all.”

“But you told me you quit.”

“I did. I mean, compared to before-“

“You lied to me.” She accused.

“It wasn’t exactly a lie, I mean, I did cut down.” I countered. I leaned forward to kiss her again, but she turned her head and I missed.

“But you told me you quit completely.” She continued.

“Does it matter? I mean, compared to before I’ve pretty much quit.”

“It does matter!” She said sharply. “You lied to me! You told me you quit! You swore to it!”

“Olivia, come on. You’re blowing this way out of proportion here… You’re making a big deal out of nothing.”

“I am not!” Olivia gasped. “This is something important and you lied to me about it!”

“Liv, come on!”

“No! I can’t believe you!” She climbed off me and started yanking on her clothes from the night before, she barely had her dress down over her body before she stormed out of my room.

I was really in no shape to follow her, but I started after her into the living room. “Olivia, wait!” I called, awkwardly adjusting my boxers.

Olivia yanked open the door and left the dorm, slamming the door behind her.

I groaned irritably, yanking my hands through my hair.

“Fuck!” My hand balled into a fist; and before I knew it, I punched my bedroom door with all the strength I had. The door flew open, banging loudly against the wall behind it.