Chapter 43: All the Wrong Angles

I shoved the left over few strands of hair from my face and groaned. “Fuck! Whoever invented trigonometry should be shot and pissed on. I fucking hate this shit!” I shoved my books and papers off the dining room table and onto the floor.

Thomas turned around from where he was sitting on the sofa. He raised one eyebrow. “Umm so I take it Olivia isn’t helping you with your homework?”

I shot him an irritated glare.

“Okay. And assuming from that your date last night didn’t go so well?” Thomas guessed.

I groaned. “No, it went fine, actually. Everything went amazing until about nine this morning, when she freaked out at me, and stormed out of here.”

“Oh. You had a fight.” He mused. “I’m supposed to meet Gabby in the library tonight to help her with her environmental sciences notes maybe I can ask her what’s going on? She might be able to talk to Olivia or something” Thomas suggested.

“Thanks, man.” I nodded. “But right now, I don’t think it’s going to do any good. She’s pretty pissed off.”

“What did you do?” Thomas asked, shifting around to face me entirely. “I’m assuming that since she freaked out at you, you’re the one who did something wrong. Or at least she thought you did something wrong

I sighed. “Apparently I told her I’d quit smoking. And I did, but I started sneaking the occasional cigarette and she just happened to open the drawer where I had my smokes” I paused. “I guess I see her point, but I wasn’t intentionally lying to her. I was trying to quit, I just couldn’t manage to cut cold turkey and she’s pissed.”

“Did you try telling her that?”

“Are you kidding me? I would have but she stormed out of here so damn fast

Thomas drew in a deep breath. “Well, I know I’ve really got no grounds or experience to be offering you advice but do you want it anyway?” Thomas asked.

“It can’t hurt.” I shrugged.

“I would let her cool down for a few days, then apologize like your whole life depends on it.” Thomas answered.

Damn it. He was probably right. Sometimes the guy was way too smart for his own good.

“Thanks, man.” I replied.

“Now, do you want some help with your trig homework?”

“If you don’t mind.” I answered.

“Okay.” Thomas paused the movie he’d been watching and stood up from the sofa, wiping his hands on his jeans.


I spent the remainder of my Sunday doing absolutely nothing. I snuck in a couple of cigarettes, but I was running dangerously low.

I finished my homework and the paper for my history class an entire day early. I spent some time hanging out with Thomas, playing video games.

Eventually, I trod off to a shower, and went to bed early.

The next morning, I got up reluctantly and struggled into my school uniform. I hoped I saw Olivia in class. I wanted to talk to her. I thought if I could apologize enough, she might actually listen to me.

I left for class a full twenty minutes earlier than I usually did. I crossed through the quad in record timing, avoiding the cold wind that was coming in from all directions. It was going to snow soon, I could feel it.

I arrived to class and plopped down in my usual seat. The entire classroom was empty.

I arranged my books on my desk, waiting for Olivia to come into class. I felt like such a nerd.

After what seemed like ages, students began to filter in.

The professor came in, and seconds before he called the class to order, Olivia came in, quickly taking the only seat leftthe one across the aisle from me.

Aggravation and discomfort rolled off her in waves.

She carefully kept her attention straight forward, completely acting as if I wasn’t there.

I tried everything to get her attention, but nothing worked. I dropped a pen; I slammed my books, anything just to get her to glance in my direction. Aside from yelling her name across the classroom, I couldn’t get her attention.

As soon as class was dismissed, Olivia gathered her books; she slid from her chair and sauntered from the room. Her plaid skirt fluttered along behind her.

I grabbed my books and shoved them into my messenger bag, quickly shoving through the bodies of my other classmates to get to Olivia.

I managed to catch up with her halfway down the hall.

“Olivia, wait.” I said, lightly catching her hand in mine. I gently pulled her to a stop.

She yanked her hand from mine. “Isaac, don’t. If you cause a scene-“

“I’m not going to cause a scene.” I said quickly. “I just want to apologize, Liv. Come on, you know I’m sorry for this-“

“You lied to me. It’s too late now, Isaac. If you didn’t want to quit or if you weren’t going to, then you should have just told me that.”

“I’m sorry, liv. Here, look.” I reached into my pocket and withdrew my battered package of cigarettes. “Here.” I placed them in her hand. “Take them. They’re yours. They’re all I have left. If it means that much to you, take them. Do whatever you want with them. Let’s just forget about this whole mess and just move on, okay?”

Olivia stared down at the battered package of Marlboros placed in her tiny hand. She sighed and dropped the cigarettes into the nearby trash can. “It’s too late for that, Isaac. I don’t like being lied to.” She said quietly.

“I know. I know.” I said quickly. “I’m sorry. What else can I do, here?” I asked.

Olivia glanced away from me. I hadn’t noticed that the halls were quickly emptying.

She sighed. “I’m going to be late for class.” She moved around me and hurried down the hall, clutching her books to her chest.

I groaned and ran down the hall to make it to my own class on time. I barely made it, sliding into the room just as the professor was about to close the door. He shot me a glare and I blatantly ignored it.

All I wanted to do was to punch something.