Chapter 51: Parallel Lines

Olivia and I were halfway through a movie when I could feel her drifting into sleep on my shoulder.

She was so relaxed and peaceful. “Liv, honey?” I whispered.

“Hmm…” Olivia mumbled tiredly. She wound her way further into my arms.

I smiled to myself, wrapping both arms around her. I lightly kissed her forehead. “Liv?”

“Hmm…” She mumbled, lifting her head. “Oh, I fell asleep. I’m sorry.” She sighed, sitting up.

“It’s alright.” I smirked. “Want to stay here tonight? I don’t mind.”

Olivia drew in a deep breath. “I… I don’t know. Don’t you think it’s a bit too soon? I mean, maybe it’s best if we take our time and take things slowly. Maybe that was the issue before…” She pursed her lips. “I’m sorry, I’m babbling.”

I shook my head. “No, it; makes perfect sense. But if you want to stay, I could sleep on the sofa…” I offered.

Olivia smiled. “You know, I have my own place, the next floor down. I don’t even have to take the elevator.” She smiled.

I nodded. “Alright. Want me to walk you back to your dorm?”

Olivia drew in a deep breath. “Yeah, yeah. I guess so.” She mused.

“Okay.” I stood and clicked off the television, stretching. I helped Olivia to her feet. I held open her black cardigan for her, which she had removed after claiming she was too warm.

I followed her to the front door where she leaned against the wall and put on her heels.

“Do you want the left over pizza?” I asked her, sticking my thumb in the direction of the kitchen.

Olivia smiled. “No, you keep it. I’m sure you’ll have it finished by the morning.”

I smirked. “I’m actually ready for seconds right now.”

“Actually, I believe that will be your third helping…” She mused.

I shrugged, chuckling.

Olivia picked up her bag, slinging it over her shoulder

I opened the door and she walked past me. I grabbed my door card and followed Olivia into the hallway.

I reached for her hand and I squeezed it gently.

Olivia laughed softly.

“So what are we doing tomorrow?” I asked her.

Olivia smiled. “There isn’t really a whole lot to do around here…”

“Uh… well, doesn’t the AV club put on a movie night or something on Saturdays?” I asked Olivia.

She smiled. “Yeah, I think so. I don’t know what they’re showing, but we could go. I mean, it’s better than nothing.”

“Exactly.” I agreed.

I opened the door and held it for Olivia. I released her hand and caught the elevator before the doors shut.

I let Olivia in first before moving inside myself.

As soon as the doors closed behind us, Olivia wrapped her arms around my waist and rested her head on my shoulder.

I smirked, and wrapped my arms around her. “You know, I was just thinking… maybe we could invite Thomas and Gabby to the movie tomorrow night. We don’t have to tell them we’re setting them up… just we know that he likes her and she likes him..” I mused.

Olivia smiled up at me. “How do you know that Gabby likes Thomas?”

I shrugged. “I don’t, really. I’m just assuming that since we walked in on them making out…”

Olivia laughed, “Oh, yeah. Right.” She smirked. “I’ll ask her and let you know.”

“Great.” I kissed her forehead.

The doors opened.

I released Olivia slowly, and followed her out of the elevator.

She unlocked the door to her floor.

“I’ll walk you to your door, okay?”

Olivia smiled. “I think I’d like that.”

I took her hand again and followed her down the hair. Two girls came out of one room, crossed the hall and ducked into the one across the hall. Both girls were in their pajamas.

I frowned.

Olivia smiled. “The girls floors are completely different to the boys floors.” She mused. “I’m surprised that everyone isn’t peering out their doors trying to see who is bringing home whom.” She laughed softly.

I shrugged. “So let them gossip.”

“That’s the way I feel too.” She smiled.

We reached her door and she stopped. “Will you call me tomorrow?”

“I’ll call you as soon as I get up.”

“So I should be prepared for the phone call at like… noon?”

She teased.

“Umm… actually I would expect it at like one or two…” I answered.

Olivia laughed. “Okay. Well, do I at least get a kiss or something before you hibernate?”

I chuckled. “Absolutely.” I leaned toward her and lightly kissed her. With her heels on, I didn’t even have to bend at all.

Olivia wrapped her arms around my neck, stepping closer to me. She returned my kisses and I kissed her deeper, in the process gently backing her against the door.

She sighed softly in my arms, and I took this as a sign to stop kissing her.

She pursed her lips and leaned toward me for another kiss.

I chuckled. “Okay, I think I should probably go. I might end up kissing you all night if I’m not careful.” I grinned.

Olivia laughed. “You’re right.” She pursed her lips. “I’ll see you in the morning… err… afternoon.” She laughed, correcting herself.

I grinned. “Sleep well, Liv.” I told her.

She lightly kissed my cheek. “You too.”

I waited until she went into her dorm and shut the door. I ventured back to my dorm, deciding to take the stairs for once instead of the elevator.

I let myself into our dorm, whistling.

“Hey.” Thomas met me, coming out of the kitchen. “Where did you order the pizza from? It’s amazing!” He said with his mouth full.

I laughed. “Olivia and I made it. Well, technically she made it, but I helped cut up stuff. Is there any left?”

“Yeah.” He moved out of the kitchen and plopped down on the sofa.

“Oh, before I forget.” I began from the kitchen, “Olivia and I are going to the movie tomorrow night that the AV club is putting on. Did you want to go with us?”

“Third wheel why you two make out? No thanks.” Thomas shuddered.

“Well, actually she was going to bring a friend… “

Thomas gaped at me. “A blind date? One look at me and she’s going to be running in the opposite direction.”

I shrugged. “What if I told you it was Gabby?” I pressed. “Would you go then? I mean, come on, you like her…”

Thomas sighed. “Yeah, I like her. But Gabby and I are… like… we’re two parallel lines.”

I frowned. “What?”

“Two parallel lines. They never cross. They run side-by-side, but they never meet or intersect. They just… coexist, peacefully, but they don’t ever join.” He sighed.

I frowned. “Give it a shot. I’m sure that if you gave it a decent effort you’ve got to have some confidence in yourself, man. You’re never going to get laid if you don’t be assertive and show you mean business.”

Thomas sighed, shoving his glasses up his nose. His face was slightly red.

“Come on, man. I bet I can kick your ass at ‘Turbo Racing’.”

Thomas smirked. “You’re on!”