Chapter 56: Caught in the Act

At the end of the day I walked with Olivia back to the dorms. I waited for her on her sofa while she changed and pulled the long, perfect braid from her hair.

She came out of her room wearing a pair of worn jeans, a white t-shirt and a navy blue button down cardigan. Her hair was hanging in pretty silk curls around her shoulder.

“Wow…” I breathed.

Even dressed down, Olivia was insanely hot.

She grinned, crossing the room and straddling my lap on the sofa. I grinned, knowing I was going to get some good stuff.

She bent over me, her hair falling around me as she kissed me. I grinned, my hand lightly moving to her cheek. I kissed her deeper, pulling her close.

I rested my hands on her hips.

Her hands wrenched my hair loose and her hands dug their way into my thick curls.

I ran my hands along her thighs, her smooth jeans felt amazing beneath my hands. I let one hand slip beneath her shirt and I moved my hand slowly across her smooth stomach.

When I was sure she wasn’t going to stop me, I moved my hand up, cupping her breast.

Her entire body bucked against mine. She giggled, breaking the kisses slowly. She grinned playfully, laying her forehead against mine. “You have a one-track mind, don’t you?” She laughed softly.

I felt no need to move my hand from where it was. The lace beneath my hand seemed intricate, and I was kind of hoping to see it shortly.

“I don’t necessarily look at it as a one-track mind,” I mused. “I see it as knowing what I want and going for it.”

Olivia laughed. “You’re lucky you’re cute.”

“Oh, really? And how far exactly does being cute get me?” I inquired.

Olivia smiled, bending and kissing me again. “We need to go.” She said.

“Go where?” I asked distractedly.

Olivia grinned. “To dinner, silly.”

“Dinner?” How was she possibly thinking about eating and kissing me like that? I’d been hungry earlier, but now all I wanted to do was carry her into her bedroom, lay her down and explore every inch of her perfect body.

She smiled.

I sighed, sliding my hand out from her shirt. I kept my hands on her hips. “Well, I’m not really that hungry now, maybe we can go a bit later?”

Olivia smiled. “If we don’t go now, we’re going to miss dinner entirely. The cafeteria closes in twenty minutes.”

“Let’s order a pizza.” I suggested. I brushed her hair back from her shoulder and kissed along the side of her throat.

Olivia arched against me, sighing happily. “You’re going to order a pizza out here? It’ll cost you twice the price of the pizza for delivery alone. And by the time they get it out here it will be cold.”

“Oh, right…” I mused. I moved my hands slowly down her sides and around her hips, resting my hands on her perfect ass.

Olivia laughed softly. “What if I want to eat? I wouldn’t mind going down to the cafeteria…” She mused.

“I could make it worth your while…” I mused, kissing her jaw.

She sighed, melting into my arms. “And how do you plan on doing that?” She cooed.

I grinned, carefully shifting her to the side. I dropped her lazily back onto the pillows. I moved between her thighs and kissed her.

I left a trail of kisses down the front of her shirt.

I grinned, pushing up her shirt to reveal her stomach. I lightly laid kisses there, moving slowly down toward the waist of her jeans. She held her breath.

“I’ll do anything you want me to baby…” I murmured against her smooth skin.

Olivia shuddered, and I couldn’t help but grin. I was having the same effect on her as she was on me.

We were interrupted by the sound of the lock reversing in the door.

Olivia gasped. “It’s Gabby!”

“Shit,” I cursed. We both scrambled to sit up.

“Oh gross!” Gabby sighed, covering her eyes. “Can’t you do that in your room? I sit on that sofa!”

Olivia smiled. “It’s okay we were just going down for dinner.”

Her cheeks were a light shade of red, she was adorable. I wanted to keep kissing her.

Before I could even suggest we go to my dorm or go into her room, Olivia stood, straightening her shirt and cardigan. She adjusted her hair.

“We should get to dinner.” She glanced at the clock. “We only have fifteen minutes. We’d better go.”

“Umm… right.” I answered.

I wiped my palms on my jeans and stood. I pulled a hair elastic from my pocket, and fastened my hair back into a pony-tail.

I wasn’t going to bother looking for the elastic that Olivia had pulled from my hair, it would take ages to find it, and I always kept extras.

Olivia smiled at me, taking my hand. We started toward the door, stopping to put our shoes on.

“Gab, do you want us to bring you back anything?” Olivia asked as I helped her into her coat.

“I’m okay. I just got back from dinner, actually.” Gabby answered. “I ate with Thomas; he’s on his way to chess club or something.”

“Oh, cool.” I nodded.

I was actually kind of excited, this meant that Olivia and I could potentially have our dorm to ourselves. If this increased my chances of getting laid, I was ready to ship Thomas off to China.

We walked out into the hallway. Neither Olivia nor I spoke until we got out of the elevator on the main floor. We started across the quad toward the cafeteria in the more public side of campus.

“So did you tell your parents about your marks? I bet they were thrilled.” Olivia mused.

“Yeah.” I laughed softly. “My mom actually cried.”

“Really?” Olivia laughed. “Oh my gosh!”

“Yeah, then my dad got on the phone and lectured me for half of an hour. Saying lame things like ‘I always knew you had it in you, son’. Crap like that.” I rolled my eyes. “My parents belong in the fifties or something, I swear.”

Olivia smiled, her hand finding it’s way into mine. “I think they sound sweet. I hope one day I get to meet them.”

“I bet they’d love you. They’d take one look at your grades and your extracurricular activities and they’d love you. They would have you moving in and start planning the wedding.”

Olivia laughed softly.